A light party is a Halloween alternative that celebrates our community. This is a non-religious event with a rang of kid friendly activities, toys and lollies. Kids under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

Kids will be asked to “Be sweet for a treat” and complete a small task, such as write a letter, take their parents a drink or pull a weed. In exchange they will receive toys, lollies and fairy floss. Feel free to drop in if you are also walking the neighborhood and you are welcome to do some of the activities or all of them! It will take around 40 minutes to do all the activities quickly so you don’t have to stay for the whole night, but you are welcome too!

Kids Night@Limestone

Once every two months we run a kids activity for children aged 7 to 14. This is not a religious event, just a safe space for community kids to come together and have fun. Events are generally free, though a small voluntary contribution towards the cost of the craft is requested for the workshops where we create a gift, such as for father’s day, Christmas and mother’s day kids nights.

You can donate $5 towards kids night using the link below or bring cash on the night. This is a voluntary donation, and will not be checked against your child’s registration. Thanks for supporting us!

Bank Account Details for Direct Deposits: 

BSB:   702-389 Account Number:   05209699    Account Name:   Ainslie Church of Christ.

Past events:

Kids night @ Limestone October 2022 : Lets have a light party! A halloween alternative where kids can dress up, eat lollies and do craft while celebrating the things that bring light into our lives. More details to follow.

Kids night @ Limestone December 2022 : Christmas craft activity. Kids often focus on the gifts they will receive at Christmas as they don’t have the money to buy gifts for others. By making a special personalised Christmas gift they can also experience the joy of giving. More details to follow.

Past events:

Kids night @ Limestone August 26 2022 : We had lots of fun with everyone that came along. There were some technical difficulties but in the end we made alot of great mugs and puzzles as presents. The kids enjoyed playing video games and eating snacks. Kids were able to make a gift for someone special in their life, maybe for Father’s day or just someone they love. With a photo the kids helped to decorate and make a photo mug or photo puzzle, with adult supervision on the use of the heat presses.

Kids night @ Limestone 17 June 2022 : Thanks to everyone who came along for a fun night of games and craft. We had some technological difficulties with the big screen but we still had Mario Kart, a Minecraft world and Star Wars – Skywalker saga lego games going. We also had lots of fun making canvas tote bags and cutting and heat pressing vinyl designs to personalise the bags. The party really got started when the glow sticks were broken out and it was great to see how creative everyone could be with the glow stick jewelry.