Once a term we run a kids activity for children aged 8 to 14. This is not a religious event, just a safe space for community kids to come together and have fun.

Events are free, but donations are welcome. You can donate $5 towards kids night using the details below or bring cash on the night. This is a voluntary donation, and will not be checked against your child’s registration. Thanks for supporting us!

Bank Account Details for Direct Deposits: 

BSB:   702-389 Account Number:   05209699    Account Name:   Ainslie Church of Christ.

Future events:

Kids night @ Limestone 12 May 2023: This term we will have all the favourites again – video games, karaoke and if its not too cold – some soccer in the courtyard. In addition we will be making a test tube planter with beads and wood, topping it off with a plant and a card. Kids can gift the plant to someone special in their life, with Mother’s day on the 14th of May providing the perfect reason to thank our parents and carers.

Kids night @ Limestone 17 March 2023: We are excited to meet up again from more video games and craft. The old favorites like Minecraft and Star wars lego will be back, and maybe even some karaoke in the courtyard if the weather is nice! Kids will also be able to create and decorate a wooden sign for the door or wall of their rooms, we will even send them home with a hook to hang it up!

Kids night @ Limestone 12 May 2023: Mothers day this year is on the 14th of May, so we are getting crafty just in time! In between Mario cart and Minecraft, kids can make a card and construct a trendy plant vase and memo holder out of wood, beads, test tubes and love!

Movie night @ Limestone 3 June 2023: Lights, popcorn, action! Children can be dropped off and we will have adults dishing out snacks and supervising the kids. There will be scratch art and fidget toys for the kids who need to multitask. We will be watching Evan Almighty – which is a mainstream movie with strong biblical themes. Here is the summary from commonsense media:

In EVAN ALMIGHTY, Steve Carell picks up where Jim Carrey left off in the 2003 man-meets-God comedy Bruce Almighty, in which Carrell portrayed scene-stealing, self-centered newscaster Evan Baxter. In this sequel, Evan is a newly-elected Congressman living in a suburban McMansion. While Evan’s networking on Capitol Hill with his staff (Wanda Sykes, who gets the best lines, and character funnymen John Michael Higgins and Jonah Hill), his long-suffering wife (Gilmore Girls mom Lauren Graham) and three sons feel neglected. God feels her pain, and proving that The Heavenly Father Knows Best, he steps in and commands Evan to build an ark with his boys, turn into an even hairier Barry Gibb doppelganger, and make good on his campaign promise to “change the world.”

Past events:

Kids night @ Limestone October 2022 : Despite the down pour of rain we really enjoyed our light party! A halloween alternative where kids dressed up, ate lollies and made craft while celebrating the things that bring light into our lives.

Kids night @ Limestone August 26 2022 : We had lots of fun with everyone that came along. There were some technical difficulties but in the end we made alot of great mugs and puzzles as presents. The kids enjoyed playing video games and eating snacks. Kids were able to make a gift for someone special in their life, maybe for Father’s day or just someone they love. With a photo the kids helped to decorate and make a photo mug or photo puzzle, with adult supervision on the use of the heat presses.

Kids night @ Limestone 17 June 2022 : Thanks to everyone who came along for a fun night of games and craft. We had some technological difficulties with the big screen but we still had Mario Kart, a Minecraft world and Star Wars – Skywalker saga lego games going. We also had lots of fun making canvas tote bags and cutting and heat pressing vinyl designs to personalise the bags. The party really got started when the glow sticks were broken out and it was great to see how creative everyone could be with the glow stick jewelry.